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Stars n’ Lightning Harness

Paying Homage to the home of Oval Racing

 SFI Homologated

Meeting the Racing Standards for Quality and Assurance.  Commonly used in The US for Nascar, Oval Racing, INDY 500, Formula D and more motor racing formats including FIA and ECE Road.

Designed in Honour of the home of Oval Racing, The USA.

We couldn’t possibly miss out the USA in our design, it’s such a big part of motor sport, The Oval, Nascar, The Indy 500, Formula Drift and the home of legendary styling and muscle cars.  We redesigned the shoulder labels to incorporate the colours of the American Flag and subtle styling in humble homage of what many would describe as the home of motorsports.


The Design Incorporates  Stars and Lightning in Red, White and Blue.




How to Order

Simply select the shoulder strap label design when selecting a race harness that will suit your vehicle.

Note: can be ordered for any harness including FIA, ECE (Road) and SFI.