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In 2020 the #black lives matter movement evoked a lot of feelings, based on our history as humankind and where we are now.

This article is written to discuss why many are having these conversations.  If you’re interested, please read this in full.

‘In 2020 flooding in from the mainstream media in the US, The BLM movement created a lot of upset, resentment, and numerous emotions flowing on all sides on the history of Black People in America.  This grew into a global movement, where others felt they had been unfairly treated and took a platform to be heard whether on the streets in protests or social media.

As a minority myself I felt empathy towards people who had suffered.  Originating from the African Island of Mauritius I often felt alienated through my life, from childhood to the present day.

However, as someone who has grown up as the 2nd generation in a new nation I call home, I’ve had the fortune of sharing my culture with pride with friends to acquaintances from all walks of life.  In doing so I’ve found it’s enriched my life and others through bringing about our own characteristics, food, enjoyment, and reasons to live for.

Like many others discussing the black lives matter movement, it’s brought up feelings that we’ve found taboo to talk about.


What I want out of this movement is to have open discussions to create long term friendships and equal opportunities.

A diverse friendship, group, or community brings more to the table in culture, learnings, and more.

That’s why I decided to present the raised fist of solidarity (gained recent popularity under the black lives matter movement) to one of our harness designs.  To give us a talking point, an opportunity for us all to discuss our thoughts, feelings and in doing so become more aware of each other as individuals,  communities, and our world.

Mani Wordsworth Brand Manager

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Simply select the shoulder strap label design when selecting a race harness that will suit your vehicle.

Note: can be ordered for any harness including FIA, ECE (Road) and SFI.