To die for?

Skulls n’ Pistons Harness

Racing Rebel

Race Harness built For Any Race   FIA – Track, Race, Rally, Point to Point | SFI – Oval, Track, Dirt | ECE – Road UK, Europe


Racing on the edge of adhesion

Racing cars to the limit has always been treacherous, but for a select few, there’s no other way to live.  If you can’t feel alive then what’s the point? 

The Skulls N’ Pistons Harness design is inspired by that feeling of machine and driver dancing on a knife-edge, trying not to overstep the line. 

A homage to the risk drivers of past and future take to the give the ultimate thrill and spectator sport.


How to Order

Simply select the shoulder strap label design when selecting a race harness that will suit your vehicle.

Note: can be ordered for any harness including FIA, ECE (Road) and SFI.