Harness Types & Seat Belts

FIA Approved Race Harnesses

FIA Homologated Harnesses

We sell FIA Approved Race Harnesses for both track circuit and rally use.  As well as all FIA disciplines under the homologations: 8854:98 & 8853:2016 typically comprising formula cars (e.g. F1 to rally e.g. World Rally Championship)

Road Approved Harnesses & Belts

Road Harnesses & Seat Belts

We sell Road legal harnesses and seat belts.  That can be installed to replace exhisting seat belts or place as new. Our Harnesses are homologated to ECE 16.06 the approved standard for safety of vehicles in England and Europe.

Nascar & SFI Approved Harnesses

Nascar & SFI Homologated Harnesses

We sell harnesses suited to nacar vehicles.  We have the option for homologation of our harnesses under the SFI  Foundation.



Harness Accessories

Harness Fixing Components & Accessories

Essential Items to ensure your harness is fitted securely to your vehicle to additional safety products such as emergency cutters.

Vehicle Accessories

Vehicle Safety Equipment & Accessories

Complimentary Safety equipment such as Window Nets and Roll cage nets for exposed racing vehicles.