Winning is a mind set

Billionaire Race Harness

It’s all in the Mind Set

Road and Race Harnesses

FIA, SFI Nascar, ECE Road. Road, Track, Rally, Dirt, Point to Point.


Opportunity knocks every ****ing day.

We all have 24 hours in a day.  We have the same time, to do with what we want.  Success comes not from what we’re given, but from within.  The Billionaire Harness is a statement of intent to others and a reminder to yourself, that you don’t make it without the belief of success. 

It’s all a state of mind.


How to Order

Simply select the shoulder strap label design when selecting a race harness that will suit your vehicle.

Note: can be ordered for any harness including FIA, ECE (Road) and SFI.