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Wordsworth offers a complete technical range of harnesses for all types of vehicles.  For race track, rally, point to point, circuit, dirt, off-road, UK Roads, European Roads and all motorsports vehicles including road-legal sports cars, kit cars, FIA Rally, FIA Race, BriSCA, US Racing including SFI through to the military vehicles and more.

Our philosophy is simple:  Offer harnesses of the highest safety at a fair price designed to suit your style.

We aim to be at the forefront of the technical regulations, working directly with our manufacturers to provide the best deal.

We ensure all of our harnesses are made in the UK and tested to stringent standards to ensure your safety is our no.1 Priority and keeping manufacturing in Britain.


All our Harnesses are Made in the UK.

Our Mission

A car is more than just a car.  Driving is the pursuit of something deeper.  It wills us, takes the direction of our soul.

We’ve designed different harnesses to reflect our passion and personalities and even what we stand for.  All are exclusive to Wordsworth with select Limited Edition Lines.

We know that sports cars, track day cars and race are special to each owner and have their own characters.  We want to ensure our harness becomes a compliment to your vehicle with its colour choice and designs.  We aim to offer the most comprehensive choice in harnesses.

Vehicle Harnesses are all regulated and tested to the strictest global standards (homologations including FIA, SFI, and ECE), so no matter what, road, track or motor racing you take part in our harnesses will suit.


Unique Combinations per Harness

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Our Vision

To be the go-to supplier for the safest vehicle equipment on the market at the most competitive price.  Meanwhile offering you the choice to design your equipment to suit your style.

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