Road & Race Harnesses

FIA | SFI (Nascar) | ECE Road Approved Harnesses for circuit, track, rally, point to point motor racing.

My Car. My style.

“Suddenly, I realised that I was no longer driving the car consciously. I was driving it by a kind of instinct, only I was in a different dimension.”

Ayrton Senna.

A car is more than just a car.  Driving is the pursuit of something deeper.  It wills us, takes direction of our soul.

We’ve designed different harnesses to reflect our passion and personalities and even what we stand for.  All are exclusive to Wordsworth with select Limited Edition Lines.

Vehicle Harnesses are all regulated and tested to the strictest global standards (homologations including FIA, SFI, and ECE), so no matter what, road, track or motor racing you take part in our harnesses will suit.

Race & Road Homologated Harnesses FIA | SFI | ECE


ECE (Road) Harness

For use on public roads.  Compliant with ECE regulations for automotive components sold in the European Economic Area.


FIA (Homologated) Race Harnesses

FIA Safety Equipment Homologation allowing for race vehicles to be fitted with our harnesses for Road, Track and Rally Events provided by the FIA (The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile)


SFI (Nascar) Homologated Race Harness

SFI Foundation Homologated Race Harnesses meeting the standards for quality assurance.  Commonly used in Oval and Nascar racing.

 Manufactured in the UK 

All our harnesses are produced in the UK, our 5 new unique designs have been released in 2021, these harnesses have been manufactured in England with over 30 years of experience. All our designs are made in direct consultation with the manufacturer and are shipped directly to you.


Working towards a more sustainable future

We are working with our manufacturer to see where we can improve sustainability from recyclable packaging to the materials your harness is made of.  Our Box packaging is 100% recyclable.   We are looking into ways to recycle the harnesses in their entirety.  If you wish for further information on how you can recycle your harness once not fit for use.  Please email


30+ Years Experience

Our Manufacturer has been making harnesses for over 30 years in the UK. With the top test houses used to ensure safety and compliance with FIA, SFI and ECE Road and Racing standards.


Stringent Testing

Our Harness designs are all tested to high standards to ensure that your product is safe and fit for use. We ensure we use only the industry recognised test houses such as TRL The Future of Transport


2020 saw the introduction of the Race As One Initiative in F1 Motorsport.  We support the causes it represents including working towards a more sustainable future, equality and inclusion for all.

Tested to Extreme FIA | SFI | ECE

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Frequently Asked

Can you make custom harnesses?

We can tailor the length, width and design of harnesses from 3 point, 4 point, 5 point and 6 point harness, all designed to your particular preference, if within the regulations we can also provide these custom harnesses under specific homologations such as FIA, SFI and ECE safety requirements.

Please note for one off  graphics, we have high setup costs for each due to the legal requirement to use materials and material suppliers that have been previously tested as safe for use in motorsport and road vehicles.

Are your Harnesses approved to be used in my road car?

Yes. However this depends upon where in the world your vehicle will be used. Our road harnesses are currently legal for use in the UK and Europe. Some FIA harnesses are also acceptable for road use. Please enquire for more information.

Are Additional fees paid for purchases made outside the UK?
If an item is purchased from an area outside the UK we will not place the charge on your purchase directly. You may be charged by your government an importation duty or tax based on your local regulations.
Can a saloon car Harness be wrapped (fixed) around a roll bar?
Yes, the standard snap hook fittings may be removed and instead fed around a roll cage bar.
Do all harnesses require a FHR (Frontal Head Restraint), or Hans Device
No dependant on the harness you purchase it is not mandatory to be used in conjunction with a FHR or Hans, typically speaking if a race harness (FIA, SFI) has less than a 3″ should belt, it will be mandatory to use with an FHR device.

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